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Lovely lioness,
I take photos of myself when I feel I’m at my worst. You see my body is something I have been learning to except, but its difficult when you have a distorted image of yourself. This photo is in the midst of an anxiety attack. For some reason the best therapy for me is to strip down naked in front of my camera and just go with it. Its strange to look at a photo and think “wow I created something really beautiful”.

Here’s the trick lovely, you didn’t create something beautiful (well, ok, you did) , you ARE someone beautiful. I think we just have to step back from our own drama and see things as they are - and all of the sudden it’s beauty everywhere. Thank you for sharing yourself with us, fingers crossed that the anxiety fades. 

feeling cheeky

Robert Asman

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Dear Ninja and Trouble —
I’m a Visual Arts major, so I was super excited when Ninja revealed this week’s theme. I’m looking forward to seeing the submissions this Sunday!There isn’t much to say about this photo, except I feel super girly wearing pink lipstick. I added the bright yellow because this was my favorite color combination as a kid. Luckily I found these (very) old paint brushes… I didn’t take very good care of them, as you can probably notice. :PHave a great Sunday!xx, Em.

The way you put together the colours in this photo make it really obvious you are a talented visual artist. Your black hair the bright pink lipstick, yellow paint and paint brushes all look so nice against your pale white skin and light pink nipple. We’re also very excited to see all the great submissions today and this one is helping us get off to a beautiful start. Thanks very much for sharing.