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A few weeks after my partner and I had started seeing each other, his ex contacted him and told him that she was pregnant and intended to keep the child.
Today, my best friend became a father. While I know that our relationship blossomed at an inopportune time for both of us, sometimes the best, most beautiful parts of life often happen when we aren’t ready for them, or when the circumstances aren’t ideal. The most I can do is be grateful to have this wonderful human in my life, and prepare myself to share my love for him with this new addition to his life. I know that so long as I can find sanctuary within myself, everything will be ok. My body will always be my home. 

I really enjoyed reading your story and circumstance, and I admire the respectful and thoughtful approach you’re taking to your relationship. You created a striking and beautiful photo that feels just as honest as your write up. The contrasting colour of the blue water against your pale white. Your bush looks so nice soaking in the water beside your cute anchor tattoo. Thanks for sharing your submission. 

Photo by © Andrea Tomas Prato

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There are some holidays one doesn’t expect to be able to find celebrated in paintings.
Until recently, Palm Sunday was one of those holidays for me.
Then I ran into Alfred Stevens’ Palm Sunday, from 1862.
Technically speaking, it appears that this young woman has opted for boxwood—rather more accessible in Europe than palm—but, as the Walters Art Museums writes, she nonetheless tucks the sprig of it “behind the frame of her mother’s portrait hanging on the bedroom wall. Another bough, lying on her cloak, is intended for the adjacent miniature, presumably a portrait of her father.”
There is something wonderful about the quiet memorial of it, about the care with which she slips the branch behind the wooden frame.

He is the soundtrack to my life
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